Meitler Consulting, Inc. specializes in the pre-treatment of industrial waste water. We manufacture bentonite clay-based flocculants that are proven to be very effective and economical in treating a wide range of industrial waste waters.

With over 15 years of industry experience, MCi began operations in January 2000. We continue to provide contract operation services and affordable waste water treatment chemicals and systems to a vast assortment of industries.

Meitler Consulting, Inc. manufactures and ships clay-based flocculants to customers worldwide. MCi and it’s network of Rep’s and distributors represents over 100 years experience in treating industrial waste water. We are highly confident in our products and ability to save your company money and make your waste water treatment process more efficient.

MCi would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business. We ask that you contact us to further discuss our products and your needs – and to arrange for a no-cost consultation at your facility.