Ca (OH)2 + SiO2 H2O > nCaO > mSiO2 > pH2O Ca(OH)2 + Al2O3 H2O > qCaO > rAl2O3 > sH2O Ca(OH)2 + Al2O3 + SiO2 H2O > tCaO > uAl2O3 > vSiO2 > wH2O

It’s not really that complicated! Leave the chemistry to us!

Clay-polymer chemistry for industrial waste water treatment has been widely used in various industries for decades. Originally designed and targeted for removal of oils and heavy metals, it has evolved into a multifaceted product line with numerous blends capable of performing a wide range of treatment functions. Popular in the plating, aerospace, ink, and machining industries, these products provide an alternative to conventional treatment methods and often greatly enhance the performance of any chemically driven treatment system.

Our broad line of clay-polymer flocculants eliminates the laborious, multi-step processes. All of our formulas are a non-hazardous blend of bentonite clay, minerals and other proprietary resources.

MCi offers generators of various waste streams a safe, simple, and cost-effective means for pre-treatment and disposal. In addition, our products eliminate the need for handling and storing liquid chemicals used in traditional waste water treatment systems.